Branding and Design

Each hotel is a building with a large number of rooms, but what distinguishes it from the rest is the story, vision and the message it sends to the customers. UPguest’s Branding and Design service is designed to help your hotel tell its story and build a brand identity to stand out. From the logo, through the business card, to the labels of the cosmetic sets for the guests, every little detail is important!

Our experienced designers will create modern and impressive graphic materials. Also, they will select the right combination of colors and elements to suit your unique style. They will ensure the consistency of your visual presentation both online – on the site and social networks, and live. Your guests and business partners will be impressed by your precision to every detail.

Why choose the Branding and Design service?

Create and develop your brand identity

Customers identify your hotel through the brand you have built. Whether you offer first-class service and luxurious rooms or you are a small family hotel that takes care of its guests with personal attention – this should be clear from your brand identity.

Engage the right

This helps you engage the right target audience with the visuals and messages you send them. This significantly increases the chance of turning these people into customers of your business.


Branding allows you to create a unique, emotional experience for your guests. Create a story for them to tell, give them an experience that will make them come back again and recommend you to their friends.

Want to impress your customers with a unique brand identity? We know how!